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ゴミの分別について心配する必要はありません。ASR6501 は Lora スマートゴミ箱を使用してゴミの分別をサポートします Jul 09, 2019
On July 1, 2019, the long-awaited regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the management of domestic waste was officially implemented, and "waste classification" was incorporated into the legal framework in China. By the end of 2020, the 46 key cities in the pilot area will have basically completed the waste classification and treatment system, and by 2025, the cities at prefecture level and above will have basically completed the waste classification and treatment system.
Garbage classification will become a major issue in the health management of major cities in China. In the face of increasingly standardized garbage classification management, effective garbage classification solutions are urgently needed in the market to meet the huge garbage management needs in the future.

Garbage classification is a whole chain link, which involves classified delivery, classified collection, classified transportation and classified disposal. There is no link to be missed. Garbage classification is closely related to everyone's daily life, while China has a population of 1.4 billion. The huge amount of garbage means that a huge number of garbage cans are needed for classification and transportation.

In the waste classification system, the Internet of things industry is quietly playing a role. The application of the Internet of things enables the intelligent garbage sorting and recycling function to accurately classify, analyze, track and process all kinds of garbage.

The traditional grid waste management mainly relies on human cost, which has the problems of high timeliness cost, low problem disposal efficiency and weak construction overall planning mode. The standardized waste classification is in urgent need of supporting waste classification solutions. At this time, lorawan low-power Internet of things based on Lora technology is the most suitable for smart waste classification applications. The solution applied to garbage classification has its special requirements: large amount of connection, low communication frequency, low power consumption, complex coverage environment, high-cost sensitivity.
The RF-AL42UH module based on Lora technology and ASR6501 is particularly suitable for waste classification solutions.

The garbage can be equipped with a light sensor to monitor whether the capacity of the garbage can is full in real time. A smoke alarm can be installed to monitor the ignition of the garbage can. Sensors send data to Lora terminals or modules. Lora communication is transmitted to Lora gateway thousands of meters away through low-power Lora network. The gateway then transmits the data to the cloud. The cloud reanalyzes the sensor data. Garbage managers can more intuitively understand the filling status of each garbage can in their jurisdiction, and plan the best recycling route for clean vehicles.

RF-AL42UH module based on Lora technology has a wide application prospect in garbage classification with excellent performance and flexible networking form. In the daily life scene of garbage classification, the garbage cans need to collect some key data in real time, such as the weight of garbage cans, the times of garbage dropping, the accuracy rate of automatic recognition dropping, etc.

Because the location of terminal equipment such as garbage can often change, the unified data specification and algorithm based on Lora technology makes the standardized service solution using asr6501 module have longer vitality.

A large number of garbage cans cause a lot of trouble in the process of garbage classification and recycling. Currently, garbage cans are in non-intelligent state. Relevant environmental sanitation personnel need to regularly check whether the garbage cans are full.

Sometimes there is only a small amount of garbage in the garbage can, and the sanitation personnel need to waste time to patrol several times. According to the trend of garbage classification and promotion, the garbage dropping point will be basically unattended in the future, and it will be difficult for the dropping personnel to carry out manual monitoring on all garbage cans.

The intelligent garbage can with RF-AL42UH module will replace the traditional garbage can, and use the intelligent operation platform and Lora technology to manage the garbage can systematically and intelligently, and connect the garbage cans distributed in all parts of the city into an organic whole.

The environmental sanitation staff have a comprehensive understanding of the garbage storage and transportation needs in the city, and effectively improve the efficiency of urban environmental sanitation work. For many regions, with a large area and a small     population, this functional advantage will be particularly obvious.

asr6501 と Lora テクノロジーに基づくRF-AL42UHモジュールは、廃棄物分類政策の効果的な推進と実施に役立ち、中国の環境保護持続可能な発展に有益な貢献をすると考えられています

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