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医療用電子機器 Sep 08, 2021


医療用電子機器向けの IoT ソリューション

世界の医療およびヘルスケア業界は、人工知能、モノのインターネット、ビッグデータ、5G テクノロジーなどのハイテクノロジーを国境を越えて融合し続けており、医療サービスを真のインテリジェンスへの大きな一歩にし、モバイル医療などの新しい医療モデルを生み出しています。ケア、スマート医療、遠隔医療など、前例のない開発の機会が到来しました。したがって、世界の医療エレクトロニクス市場は、今後数年間で収益性の高い成長の可能性を示しています。





With the popularization of smart terminals in the whole society and the deepening of projects such as smart medical and smart elderly care, traditional medical service forms are rapidly changing, and medical electronic products with remote diagnosis functions continue to develop rapidly. More and more manufacturers are beginning to implant sensor components and wireless transmission chips in key diagnostic equipment such as patient monitors, oximeters, ultrasound, magnetic resonance, implantable medical devices, and remote health care systems. Meanwhile, adding the network interface to the medical devices is in line with the information network management requirements of medical institutions. The wireless trend is further deepened. The wireless IoT solutions developed by RF-star will greatly help the traditional medical move into smart medical.

Portable medical smart wearable is increasing


With the rise of the concept of connected health, the demand for portable medical smart wearable is increasing. In wearable smart medical electronic products, the power consumption and volume of integrated circuit chips have become important considerations. The sensor is equipped with integrated electronic components with data processing, transmission and other functions. It is designed as a portable wearable product such as a watch bracelet to realize blood pressure and heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen saturation, pulse, body temperature, blood flow, step counting, activity status, and sleep. Circumstances and other functions. What's more important is that the device can be uploaded to mobile terminal devices such as mobile phones through the wireless transmission function to track personal monitoring results. Any potential risks will be prompted to alert. RF-star can supply one-stop solution from the wireless solution to the software development.

In the heart rate, blood oxygen and pedometer detection program, the pressure sensor, light source drive, photoelectric conversion, analog-to-digital conversion, data processing, acceleration sensor, wireless transmission and other integrated functional modules adopt the optimal design to achieve accurate measurement and real-time transmission. Software and hardware customized solutions can be made according to different needs. The rich experience of RF-star enables the medical electronic manufacturers better products in the shortest time.

In the portable insulin injection pump solution, RF-star BLE module can be built-in to perform real-time dynamic detection, upload the data to the mobile APP, and synchronize to the cloud. The working status of the syringe pump can be clearly seen on the mobile phone, and the storage and analysis of data can bring convenience to the patient's follow-up long-term diagnosis and treatment.